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The Wrong Way Out
(it just might be the right way in)
Let's Be Nostalgic! 
Jun 08 09
So I'm cleaning out my photobucket (as usual) and I found the first graphics I ever made........ with GIMP.

so some (most) of it is pretty horrible. But I made the coolest background even though I had no idea what I was doing

let's see...... the dates on these photos are like more than a year ago

Name The Stars

Touch My Soul

Living In America

Where Was The Warning The Question Is Shame BFF's

Mama The Weeping Promise Ever After portrait of a girl

and the final kicker.... the wallpaper I spent like an entire saturday working with gimp to make

"May cause the following side effects...
(Deleted comment)
Jun 08 09 (UTC)
that's harley jay. he's my favorite. mainly because that's who I saw.
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